Holiday Time – Wardour Castle

Waldore Castle
The day before we left for home we had a trip out with our friend, who recommended Waldour Castle. It’s great to have some local knowledge, because we’d have never known or found this place. In fact I still don’t know where it is, all I know that it’s an English Heritage site. It’s an ideal site for excited little boys to explore but also for our friend who’s heavily pregnant with twins, although I wouldn’t recommend the windy staircases 🙂

Wardour Castle

After the excitement of Longleat the day before, this was exactly the chilled out day we needed. The weather was spot on too.  I’ll be completely honest, I was quite nervous about the boys wandering off when we explored in the castle, so I insisted on them holding my hand, which can make things a little less relaxing. Things have been made safe, but I still worry that these little people find ways to make things unsafe. At the top they happily grab hold of the window edges and pull themselves over to get a better look, heartstopping! Even though a good chunk of the castle is dismantled, there’s still plenty of rooms to explore and windy staircases to climb.

Waldore Castle

Back on solid ground we found a bench and tucked into our picnic. This was more like it for us, quiet, wide open, natural spaces. It was a great spot where the boys could explore within our view, with a few trees to climb too. The grotto was fun, with a very well packed birds nest tucked into a gap.  We sat here for a while making daisy chains.

Wardour CastleWhilst we were there we could here a piper warming up and shortly after a bride and groom and their wedding party arrived, quite a location for a wedding! We treated the boys to a wooden sword each, interestingly the first thing they did was not sword fight, but stuff the swords down their pants and shorts and gallop off like knights on their horses. So this week, at home I made these little leather sword pocket things (scabbard as I’ve now learnt), nothing special but it’s got to be better than shoving a sword down your pants, right???
Sword scabbard
On our way home from the castle we stopped at a cafe called The Riverbarn which was somewhere nearby for tea and cake.  It was a perfect way to finish the day and at the back of the cafe was a lovely stream where the boys would have been happy paddling and throwing in stones till dark.

Stream dipping
We had a really lovely time down in Wiltshire and did you notice it didn’t rain?? Of course this is most likely down to the fact we didn’t actually pitch our tent in the end 🙂