The Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project

A few weeks ago we took a trip into Derby to have a look at the newly hatched peregrines chicks.  The Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project has been running since 2006 when a platform was placed halfway up the cathedral tower creating a large enough area for the peregrines to nest and lay their eggs. Over the next two years webcams were placed on the platform allowing millions to view the peregrines and their chicks.  The Wildlife Trust host watchpoints on dates throughout May and June so we popped along to see how the newly hatched chicks were getting along.
With various telescopes on offer to view the birds, both The Farmer and The Fireman got a good look. Inside the Cathedral there was various information about the birds along with a brilliant display of leftover bird parts, sounds a bit gruesome but really it’s fascinating, the boys loved looking at all the feathers. All these parts are collected as the peregrines drop their leftovers off the side of the platform. Since we visited the birds have been ringed and have started to fledge.
Derby Cathedral
We also had a look inside the main part of the cathedral, which put us on edge as the touched everything they saw and The Farmer was convinced the prayer candles were birthday candles and started trying to blow them out! Time to go!! We rounded up our morning with lunch at pizza express, always a winner, the children’s menu there is brilliant, plus we were given some herb seeds for the boys to plant.  Today was a good day 🙂

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