Eating Around the World – United Kingdom

Fish and chips
So many things to choose from, yorkshire puddings, steak and kidney pudding, lancashire hotpot, shepherds pie…. But for us when we think of food from our country we think of good old fish and chips! It’s also nice and easy.  We rarely fry our chips, choosing to bake them instead, it’s less to think about and of course healthier. Our fish was a bit fancy as we used monkfish instead of the usual cod or haddock. I thought i’d make the most of deep frying and fried some real onion rings.  The Farmer always says he doesn’t like the bits of onion in his dinner, but these onion rings he loved, so he now likes onions! We also had mushy peas, I use those Bigga dried peas, always works a treat. Served with Heinz ketchup and a homemade sort of tartare sauce. To be completely honest i’m not much of a chip fan, homemade are ok, but not keen on chip shop chips, which I think is quite a good thing really.
Treacle sponge
For pudding we made treacle sponge pudding, brought back memories of school dinners, luckily this one was a good memory unlike the waldorf salad they used to serve (bleurgh) or the rice that looked like maggots. The treacle sponge was made in the slow cooker, it was quite a heavy sponge, but loaded with custard was delicious.
union jack
Our craft was a Union Jack puzzle, where I roughly cut the stripes and the boys had to assemble them.  They had a flag to look at too, otherwise I their results would’ve been a flag from a unknown country.

Next week Greenland, might need to have a look out for some whale blubber.