A rhubarb kind of day

This started with a trip to the allotment, it’s not actually our allotment, although The Fireman is convinced it’s his.  It belongs to my stepdad and we are very lucky that it’s just a walk away and can visit anytime. It’s nice to have a day when we don’t go out in the car, so we headed out with a picnic and picked a few extra treats up at the local deli on the way.
They took their little trowels, carried in The Farmer’s hood, very handy. There’s not a lot of room for digging now as there’s loads of veggies been planted, the boys still found a tiny patch and were satisfied with that. We enjoyed our picnic under the damson tree and picked loads of rhubarb, the leaves made stunning hats.
We had a good bit of teamwork going, The Fireman picked the rhubarb, The Farmer chopped off the leaves and we all took the leaves to the compost bin. We had a short walk around the rest of the allotments and spotted a ropeswing, I’m not sure we were supposed to go on it, but I let the boys have just a little go.
They both wanted roley poley down a hill, but there aren’t any hills, this didn’t stop them. Walking back home they collected stones, for no other reason than that’s what boys do.
Back home and another bit of teamwork, The Farmer washing the rhubarb and The Fireman chopping it. Together we made a delicious rhubarb pie for pudding and also have enough rhubarb left for a rhubarb fool later in the week, I love rhubarb!

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