Eating Around the World – Madagascar

Malagasy beef with greens
Madagascan (or Malagasy food as I’ve now learnt), seems to be not all that different from Papua New Guinea cuisine in that they use coconut milk and chicken  and rice quite a lot. As this was similar to last weeks meal, I thought we’d try beef with greens, I liked the idea of cooking the rice in with it.  We didn’t use green peppercorns and swapped the greens part of green beans and carrots.  Overall it was OK, but not that tasty, it definitely needed more salt.  I finished off a portion for lunch today and added some soy sauce.
Malagasy fruit salad
For dessert we had a delicious and huge fruit salad, a Salady Voankazo, the boys loved it. They tried lychees for the first time and liked them.  I think it always helps them  to be positive about new foods if they get involved with preparing them. So because they had peeled them and seen what they look and feel like they happily tried them and enjoyed them, they asked for seconds, so I’m taking that as a win. We used this fruit salad recipe which was nice with a little vanilla sugar syrup poured over, we only used about half of the syrup.
For our craft we made bendy snakes, as there are apparently over 80 species of snakes in Madagascar, none of which are dangerous to humans, personally I wouldn’t be getting too close to them, not that we have any plans of visiting Madagascar. The boys took the snakes into the garden, I later found them in this box, their home so I’m told. The Farmer had a go at choosing a country this week and he’s chosen good old Blighty, I think I can see fish and chips on the horizon, or maybe jellied eels…