Lampshade fix

We have one of those tall paper covered IKEA floor lamps, it’s quite old and is completely trashed.  Until today when I had a go at fixing it.  I’ve been thinking for months of what I could do.
old lamp
It seemed a shame to chuck the whole thing just because the paper had ripped and gone manky and I mean reet manky. Today’s fix may only be temporary as I just used paper, but it looks loads better than before.  I used stuff I had to hand. A roll of IKEA drawing paper, two lengths stuck together.  To hide the stuck together pieces I cut the flowers out from this sample piece of wallpaper thats been kicking about the house for months.
new lamp cover
I stuck them on with the boys PVA glue, then folded the top and bottom around the wire ring and re-assembled the lamp. It’s really not perfect, but I think it’s quite nice for now and I can carry on with the day feeling satisfied we didn’t chuck it out.