Campfire Orange Cakes – Sunday Baking Club

Campfire Orange Cakes
Citrus Zing Week and the lemon drizzle cake has been banned! I narrowed down the choice to lemon profiteroles and campfire orange cake.  Of course I went with campfire orange cakes because it involves FIRE!!! and let’s be honest everyone loves a bit of firemaking!
The Cyclist and The Fireman created a mini campfire in the garden, The Fireman then came indoors to help me make cake.  I’ve seen this recipe done a few times but this was our first attempt.  I mixed up a basic chocolate muffin mix, hollowed out four oranges keeping all the juice and then filled the oranges with the mix, wrapped in foil and plonked onto the fire for about 30mins. It worked really well, slight charred flavour but the chocolate orangey flavoured cake was delicious and really good fun. We used the juice for fresh orange and grenadine drinks, very refreshing. Definitely one to do again, perfect for BBQ’s