Bradgate Park – A trip with Captain Skunkbeard

Bradgate Park is an incredibly popular site, so often a place we avoid. Regardless of the crowds it is a beautiful parkland and well worth a visit. We parked in Newtown Linford, the main car park. I wouldn’t normally park here, but the boys had asked to go on their scooters and the path from the car park is smooth tarmac, ideal for scooting. A stream with a series of waterfalls flows alongside the path, so we also took the fishing nets. It was almost lunchtime too so we took a picnic, including the baguette strapped to the side of my bag. The Fireman took a picture of me loaded up and ready to go, I looked like I was going on a weekend backpacking trip, not a stroll through the park. It was a hot sunny day, fortunately their was plenty of tree shade alongside the stream.
Stream dipping at Bradgate Park
They loved dipping their nets in the stream and their shoes… We jumped over this little outlet onto an island, I eventually persuaded The Fireman he was capable of jumping over on his own, he looks like he is flying in the photo! He was so pleased!
Scrambling at Bradgate Park
We scooted onwards towards some rocks. Past a group of deer who did not seem bothered at all by my 3 year old squealing at them, fortunately. The Farmer, the youngest at 3 years old, was straight up the rocks to the top before I could catch up, he has no fear, but is also very good at working things out with reasonably good coordination. The Fireman is far more cautious and decided to climb up the grass to the side and stood at the top shouting ‘Arrrghhhh!! I’m Captain Skunkbeard!!’, flipping Scooby Doo! So the rocks became a pirate ship/cafe with The Farmer serving me tea and cake, or was I hallucinating due to heat exhaustion??  Back along the path to the stream again, this time they really got in and sat down in it! Ooops!

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