Introducing the indoor/outdoor birdhide den

Yes that’s right the sun was shining, we burst out of the french doors to start building our magnificant den and…..blimey it’s freezing!! So how about a sort of indoor/outdoor den?  We make dens, a lot.  Living room dens, bath dens, bedroom dens, in the woods dens, dens for our teddies, dens for woodland fairies, yes a lot of dens.

Whilst I wouldn’t say we’re experts we now have a good idea of what makes a good den and what’s needed. Mainly it’s blankets and sheets, ones you don’t care about getting mucky and potentially ripped.  You need a room or space with lots of levels to hang said blankets from, it’s good to have low level tunnels and high ceiling HQ’s. Finally you need to be able to secure blankets in place, there is nothing more frustrating than a continually collapsing den.
mud den

So today’s den came about with the idea of watching our lovely resident robins in the garden.  We saw they were nesting in the back wall and could hear the little chicks chirruping away when the parents returned to feed them.  I suggested we could make a birdhide to sit and watch behind, this sparked a little interest.  I told them that we’d need to blend in, be camouflaged, hmm more interest. So I suggested ‘How about we paint this cardboard box with mud??!’ Woo hoo, yippee mud play!! So the boys mixed the mud pie paint whilst I cut some holes in the box and then I left them to it.  Once dried it’s neither noticeable or camouflaged as the background is a brick house not a mud wall 🙂 but hey they enjoyed the process.
popcorn den
We attached the big sheet to the french doors using big clamps, then attached the sheet to the top of the box with clothes pegs.  This completely blocked the doorway. The boys made it more comfortable with cushions, they pretended they were having a sleep out. We made some salted popcorn, when I returned from making a cuppa it had all gone! The sunshine and showers came and went, the boys didn’t even notice, rain showers are great because they get to use their umbrellas….to make more dens. Eventually the sun stayed a while and the birdhide turned into a smoothie and ice cream bar, each hole was a different flavour.
smoothie bar den
So we made this delicious tropical smoothie and chilled out in the garden. Here is our smoothie recipe.

  • Half a large pineapple
  • Half a can of coconut milk
  • One banana
  • Apple juice, enough to make it the right consistency

Blend all ingredients together for a few minutes, till super smooth.

Time to sit back and enjoy your den 🙂

Tuesday Tots