Scooting and Cycling the Cloud Trail

Cloud Trail
The Farmer is really getting the hang of his Islabike Rothan now.  It’s a balance bike which The Fireman took to much more easily, in fact he was obsessed with it.  He loved bikes and scooting so much that he was able to ride the next bike up with pedals two months before he turned three.  The Farmer however didn’t seem that bothered, choosing to run instead of scoot whilst at the park.  I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed he wasn’t so keen, but didn’t push him as I knew he would get upset and could make it worse. A couple of weeks before The Farmer turned three (about 4 weeks ago) he was suddenly VERY keen on his bike, yippee!
New Helmet, Cloud Trail
Derby Grandma and Grandad bought him a fancy helmet, just like his big brother, this made him even more keen.  We took them both out the other weekend for a lovely scoot/ride in the sun.  We headed for the Cloud Trail, the Breedon Lane car park in Worthington.  The trail is part of a 13mile route from Worthington to Derby.
Quarry and trail
It’s a great traffic free, smooth surface to ride on, even more exciting was the part we rode on is next to a huge quarry, the boys liked this.  I think The Farmer taking a little longer to get into scooting has meant he understands his bike better, unlike his big brother, he knows how to use brakes…

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