Hayfield Camping Trip

We’re back from five nights of camping and it seemed we picked some of the worst five nights with regards to weather.  However, I did my very best to stay positive, which I think worked.  At least I was positive compared to when we visited this site almost three years ago, The Fireman being 21 months and The Farmer just 3 months old, one of the toughest weeks of my life. Rain and very cold plus breastfeeding every three hours and throughout the night in temperatures of 4c, yes, I think anything is easier compared with that. We did have an excellent week there last year too, exactly the same week in fact, it couldn’t have been any different.
Anyway we stayed at Hayfield Camping and Caravanning Club site for five nights.  It’s a well equipped site with good facilities including nice hot showers (albeit showers with two children in tow). What I like about this site is that it’s not too big and is quiet, it’s location for day trips out is also good. Here’s what we did.

Day 1 – Cycling at the campsite and walking to the nearby pub to play the Monster Catcher game
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Weather not too bad when we arrived, bit of cycling and racing out on the field.  There is a pub about 5-10min walk from the site, we headed there to play The Farmer’s new game, Monster Catcher game, it’s an Orchard Toys game and I’d definitely recommend it, even for wriggle bottom children like ours

Day 2 – Picnic at Buxton Pavillion Gardens
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Quite a grey, damp day. The gardens would be lovely on a sunny day, probably very busy too though.  There are two play areas, one for young, one for older children.  There’s a small railway that I can only presume opens at weekends and possibly school holidays.  We managed to nip inside the botanical conservatory, so nice to have a bit of a warm up! The gardens are very typical of Victorian period, which is what you’d expect for Buxton.  Lots of winding paths and waterfalls to explore.

Day 3 – The Chestnut Centre
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I remember when we visited here last year, we were searching for shade to escape the midday heat! No such luck this time, but regardless of this we still managed a picnic.  The deer park is quite nice, but the valley where all the animals are is beautiful.

Day 4 – Getting caught in a snowstorm at Stanage Plantation then running away and stumbling across Whyming Brook
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I was getting quite tired by now, the boys were bickering quite a lot.  We arrived at Stanage Plantation with the idea that the boys could do a bit of scrambling on the boulders there. Nobody seemed keen to get out of the car.  I really pushed myself to get motivated and took The Fireman off up the hill, it had just started raining.  I try really hard not to let rain ruin things for us, but 5 mins up the track and the snow and sleet were blowing in sideways, hmm sod that for a game of soldiers, we’re going back! We meandered our way back in the car and stumbled across Whyming Brook.  It was so beautiful, we followed the brook all the way down to the dams, even the sun shone, it was quite magical.

Day 5 – Picnic in a bothy bag at Hathersage – Surprise View
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This day was grim, grim, grim. But as usual we were determined to make it fun or at least interesting. We decided to buy a bothy bag in Hathersage  and take it up to Surprise View, sit in it and eat our picnic. It was brilliant! The rain poured down, the wind howled, but we we cosy and comfortable in our little bothy bag. Every family should have one of these, no excuses not to get out then 🙂 The weather deteriorated even more and we headed off to Glossop in search of a warm coffee shop.

Day 6 – picnic and cycling on the High Peak Trail from Pikehall
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Oh look, the weathers turning nice! But to be honest I wasn’t too bothered, we’d made the most of our week there and the little quiet campsite was fast filling up for the bank holiday weekend, things were going to be hectic. On our drive home we stopped at Pikehall where the High Peak Trail runs through, there was still a chill in the air, but there was sunshine, pure blue skies and sunshine! It was hard work, but even the mornings where we sat in the tent for a couple of hours doing nowt, i’m sure will still be good memories for the boys and they didn’t even notice the rain.

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