Saturday Morning Parkrun and Robbie the Robot – Sunday Baking Club

Freestyle week at the Sunday Baking Club. The idea is to bake cake and sell as much as you can with cash raised going towards the Robbie the Robot Appeal.
cake table

I thought I’d try selling some at the Darley Parkrun yesterday, any excuse not to run 😉 We had to be at the park for 9am, that’s dedication, surely?

The Cyclist

The Cyclist ran whilst the boys and I stood guard with the cake, can you see their cow parsley table decorations? We had chocolate brownies, banana blondies and chocolate chip cookies on offer. There wasn’t quite as much interest as I’d hoped, but still we made £12 so can’t grumble.  Those poor runners were bombarded by the boys asking them to buy cake the moment they crossed the finish line, I like cake, but even I couldn’t eat cake the minute I cross the line. Hopefully those that bought cake enjoyed them and are happy knowing they contributed towards the appeal. Contributions can be made here if you were feeling particularly generous 😉