Bluebell Woods of Yoxall Lodge

Yoxall Lodge Woods
We went to Yoxall Lodge Woods yesterday.  A beautiful bluebell woodland in The National Forest.  They’ve extended their opening for another week due to the late spring so the bluebells are still in flower. It would be a lovely place to walk around at any time of the year but the bluebells are stunning. I’ve never seen bluebells like that before.  There are a variety of routes to take, I was recommended to try to green route, not too long for the boys, about half a mile.
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The boys were happy with sticks of course and pretending to be the Lorax, although I still think they’d be more like the Onceler as they are a bit destructive. The paths wind through the trees and when the sun shone through the leaves the lined paths of bluebells led you further in, it was just magical.  Saying that the boys were really doing my head in that morning with their bickering and lack of listening, seeing the woodland helped keep me a little more positive, as did the wildflowers, wildflowers are something I really love.

Some of the beautiful flowers from today's walk at Yoxall Lodge Woods
We enjoyed our picnic in the woods, a bench in a sunny clearing. The boys discovered fallen trees to climb on and did running races through the fields. After the ‘green’ route, we took a loop around the ‘purple’ route, whilst there were very few bluebells in this bit, there was a lovely winding stream with ‘troll’ bridges to cross.
Yoxall Lodge Woods
We snuck down to the edge of the stream and did a bit of paddling. The rain showers kept coming and going, but not enough to put us off. Three hours later we were back at the car for a cake stop. After this we headed off towards Burton in search of a petrol station where instantly I was lost, happens everytime I’m in Burton. We eventually refueled and shortly after the boys spotted a playground and started shouting excitedly, so we stopped, why not? Anything to keep out of the house and away from the TV.
At the park
It turns out we were just around the corner from a good friend and so after the park we stopped by there too, brilliant!  What a great way to end the day, I managed to have a conversation with a grown up and the boys played with the twins in their fab garden and we didn’t get home till five! So thanks Mell for letting us trash your house, I shall return the favour anytime you like 🙂

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