Eating Around the World – Mexico

mapOK, so we had a bit of a disaster this week, The Fireman was just not prepared to try things.  It’s very easy to say ‘no pudding if you don’t eat your dinner’ but in reality it’s heartbreaking, especially when it’s something special and the rest of us sit around eating it. We don”t expect our boys to eat everything on their plate when it’s a new food to try, but would like them to properly give it a go.  Anyway this one ended in tears, maybe I expect too much. Maybe I put too much effort in and I’m then disappointed when they don’t enjoy it.  So from now I’ll try to keep it simple.
Most of this week’s meals were based on recipes from Thomasina Miers book, Wahaca. We started with Esquites, a sort of sweetcorn soup, delicious, but it had herbs in it, so this wasn’t good. Then we had crispy prawn taquitos.
Crispy prawn taquitos
I made corn oil tortillas the night before, made a prawn, onion, garlic and tomato sauce filled the tortillas and fried them. I also fried some sliced pieces of tortillas till crisp. The Fireman didn’t like prawns today, although previously they’d been his favourite.  One prawn at a time taking approx 3 mins to chew and we had to call it a day.  He’d eaten hardly a thing, not even the crispy tortillas, which admittedly were very oily.
Spiced apple handkerchiefs
For dessert I’d made spiced apple pastry puffs, which were just cooking apples stewed with sugar, butter and cinnamon, blobbed into a square of puff pastry and folded into a triangle, baked for 10-15mins.
Mexican wedding cookies
Finally I’d made Mexican wedding cookies, these are absolutely amazing! Again it’s a recipe from Wahaca so I’d best not write it down, but I did find this recipe online. I made the Cajeta filling, thinking I could make it in the slow cooker, but 6hrs later it was just as runny as when I started.  So I boiled it up in the pan, eventually it turned into a thick rich caramel.
So whilst The Farmer didn’t seem to mind the food, it was a bit of a disaster with The Fireman.  We did have fun making these Mexican pinch pots though, made from air drying clay. Water, clay and mess, it’s a winner.

Oh yes, I forgot, we had one of these too 🙂
Mexican beers

We’re going to try again next week, with maybe more emphasis on crafts and geography and not so much on food, here we come Russia.