Foremark Reservoir – The cuckoo

foremarkWe headed to Foremark Reservoir last Friday, it’s been quite a while since we last went and I’d forgotten how nice it is. Foremark reservoir is owned by Severn Trent but is also in The National Forest.  It’s £2.50 to park for the day, make sure you have cash at the ready as you pay at the barrier on the way in.  There’s loads of parking and it’s nice and close to the playground.

playground pics
The playground was empty, ah bliss! I really like this playground (you may think i’m lazy) because it’s all quite low level with lots of tunnels and walkways that they don’t need my help with.  So whilst they were busily playing, I managed to spot this cuckoo, first time i’ve seen one so I was very pleased with myself 🙂
There’s also a bigger climbing frame which they needed some help with, mainly they wanted me to climb up and pretend to sleep in the tunnel, so I did. Within the playground there are picnic benches where we gobbled up our lunch at about 11am, we were hungry.
After lunch we headed off to explore a bit more.  We ended up on the little beach, via the cafe for ice creams, in the rain at this point. We were at the beach for about an hour, they loved splashing and digging in the sand, I’ll take buckets and spades next time. But for this trip they were happy with sticks, of course, always sticks. The Farmer brought me gifts of alder cones, they are very pretty little things.

We walked along a small part of the woodland trail back to the playground.  There are so many more paths to explore, but by this point I sensed The Farmer in particular was getting quite tired, bashing brother on head, crying about snapped twigs, etc. So we headed home, still, we were there for over 3 hours. I felt so happy about being out for picnics again, fingers crossed we’ve finished with the cold weather till winter.

Seeing the cuckoo reminded me of when we watched Alela Diane singing The Cuckoo at the 2008 Greenman Festival, 6months pregnant with The Fireman, ha ha! Hope you like the song too.