A running update

conkers parkrun
I realise I haven’t blogged about running at all since my little post run stay in hospital, the more I think about it I reckon it was dehydration coupled with a virus and maybe in future I should not rehydrate after running with a pint of cider, but then again I might not be able to resist. Anyway I have been running quite a lot, but just the same old routes, albeit with some brill friends, they really do keep me going.  I’ve even tried a couple of interval sessions, do I sound happy about this?? No, it makes me want to vomit, but that said I think it has improved my pace.  I’m starting to believe I can push myself a bit more. Earlier in the year I set myself a few targets of running 750km over the year, I’m already over a third of the way there, so this shouldn’t be too difficult, the other target is a sub 50min 10km, this isn’t looking quite as possible! A small bit hope for this was realised on Saturday when I took part in my first Conkers Parkrun.  It also happened to be their second year anniversary, so there was a record number of runners.  The distance is just 5km, it was a perfect sunny morning for running. I clocked a time of 25.30 and beat my previous 5km time by almost 90 seconds so I’m very pleased with that, so I guess that does show that I may be able to get closer to 50mins for a 10km.

This week is the run up to the Derby 10km and I’m already very excited about it as quite a few friends are running too AND they put chocolate bars in the goody bags, BONUS!! My head has been thinking about marathons, half and full, but I still don’t think I could do it, to be running for twice as long or even four times as long as a 10km…imagine the amount of cake I could eat in that time, those people are very dedicated giving up precious cake eating time and THAT is why I can’t do it…and maybe it’s something to do with stamina, fitness, blah de blah…..

I shall be back next week with an update on the Derby 10km.