When are we going camping? Anyone for s’mores?

Weather last Friday wasn’t that great again, So we started to think of entertainment in the house.  The boys keep asking when will we go camping, hopefully soon is the best I can answer.  So I thought we’d have a mini camping trip in the house.  To start we set up the little pop up shelter tent, bigger than I remembered!
table den 1
I let the boys use the dining table to make a big tent, incorporating the rabbit house roof.  Then we made a mini campfire out of old cardboard, random bits of firewood, and some scribbled flames.
The boys pretended to cook their dinner, hotdogs and marshmallows. Sounded like a good lunch to me, so we headed to the shop and stocked up.
I got the real stove going and we made spider dogs from frankfurters, I can’t believe the boys ate 4 rolls and hotdogs EACH!!
spider dog
Then we tried toasting marshmallows and made them into s’mores with some chocolate rich teas.
They couldn’t quite manage a whole one each, eating leftover desserts is one of the best things about being a mum 🙂