My knitted waistcoat – finally complete


I seem to have all sorts of unfinished projects, as a sort of new year’s resolution I’m trying to complete projects before moving onto new things.  Here is my newly completed waistcoat.  My mum bought me some nice wool and the pattern for my birthday, which is in January, not long to finish a project eh?? But, she bought it for me last January, it’s taken 15months to complete.  I remember at the time of buying my mum said ‘ oh I like that myself, you could knit one for me if it goes ok’, erm sorry mum, but it ain’t gonna happen!
The pattern said easy, it’s all knitted in garter stitch, seemed straightforward, but oh no, it wasn’t! I had to write it down row by row, then remember what it meant!Fortunately there’s a wool shop nearby and the staff there were very helpful and guided me through it.
Unfortunately Bergere de France who make the pattern, no longer stock the clasp required, so for now I’m using an old hairclip 🙂
Another project complete, soon i’ll be able to buy more wool!