A day out in Derby -Some of our favourite places old and new

Derby Museum
I firmly believe that when someone is doing a good job we should tell them so. So here are some fantastic businesses and organisations that really made our day great!
Derby Museum
First of all there’s Derby Museum. I’ve blogged about the museum a few times before, but you really can’t go wrong with a trip here, today we did the Easter egg trail.
Derby Museum
We were rewarded with Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, which I’m shocked and slightly horrified at the speed the boys gobbled these up, no worries about them making a mess though.
By 11.30 I was starving, as in head spinning, slightly hallucinating, eyeing up the boys Creme Eggs sort of starving. Often when we go to Derby we do something simple like buy sausage rolls and eat them in the market place, but there was no chance I was going to sit outside today, brr! I wanted something cheap and easy. Cafes can be a bit stressful with a four and two year old. I had a lightbulb moment of buying pyclets from the Derby Pyclet Company in the Guildhall market.  Even better that they had bar stools, food was instant and delicious, ham and picallilli and smoked salmon, two of the toppings available and jam for the boys. The people here are so friendly, so when in Derby you MUST try some pyclets I promise you will not be disappointed.

Derby Pyclets

A quick call into the fish market as The Fireman has requested fish and chips. Some great choice of fresh fish here and the boys love looking at the fish and seafood.
Derby fish market

Next stop Betty’s Farm, again I’ve blogged about this place before, but if you’re a cake baking obsessive then a tray of 30 eggs at a time is essential. The boys love it and Emma and her family are very friendly and welcoming, I even had chance to sit down and drink a fresh coffee whilst the boys scoffed ice cream.
Bettys farm

Last on our stop was the Chantry Farm shop.  This is where we buy our meat and have done for the last 6-7 years.  It’s run by brilliant people who are very helpful especially with customers like me who haven’t got a clue about cooking meat. Overall it’s meat you can trust (no horse etc) and the prices are very good too.

So there we have it some top places to go in Derby and oh look, it just so happens to be #derbyshirehour on Twitter.

See all you lovely people again soon!!!