Adventures with Super Owl

fatty owl

Fatty Owl arrived yesterday.  He sat there all quiet and plump after being created by leftover cushion wool stash and stuffed with cushion inner fluff, we’re now missing a cushion, but hey.  He was supposed to be about four times smaller, but we love him anyway.


Ooo matching owl cushion

But when we woke this morning Fatty Owl had transformed into Super Owl and was straight into action using his owl super hero powers

super owl

He started by collecting all rubbish in an effort to tidy the house, he was not impressed by it’s current state.

tidy up time

But part way through ‘operation clean’ there were cries for help. ‘Help us Super Owl, Ted Glen is threatening to jump of the top of the multi storey car park, he’s been shunned by Mrs Goggins again’. This is no problem for Super Owl, but how is he going to stop such a disaster?

to the rescue


With his bouncy, slightly overfilled with cushion fluff belly of course!  Boing!! Ted Glen is saved!!


saves the day


Super Owl is exhausted, he goes back to his nest to recuperate his super powers.

nap timeA while later Super Owl has a bit of down time. He heads to the pub, hitching a ride in The Farmer’s hood.

off out


At the pub he relays many an action packed story about his superhero days over half a pint of Thatchers and a bag of Space Invaders. He a swell guy!

at the pub



What’s in store for Super Owl tomorrow?  Who knows but we know we can rely on him to save the day! Hip hip hooray for Super Owl