We will beat this cold weather with a trip to the…..seaside???

Seaside day

Yep that’s right we had a seaside day yesterday.  As the snow blizzards howled around the house and temperatures never rose above freezing, we were inside our house at a balmy 15c having a seaside day.  Priorities being to stoke up the fire, we then went on to enjoy our day by the sea.  We had lots of ideas, in fact the boys came up with the first one.
Seaside day - shark painting
They decided whilst walking around with this piece of cardboard on their heads that it was a shark.    We started by painting it grey.  Whilst it dried we headed over to Tesco to stock up on supplies for the day.
seaside day - at Tesco

They love Tesco, I have no idea why, they got equal amounts of fun from this tacky bus ride (even without putting any money in) as they did spending a morning at the local Wacky Warehouse.
Seaside day- at the beach
Once home we set up their beach towels and umbrellas and made fruit slushies.  The Fireman was really keen to try one of those blue Slush Puppies when we were out the other week, but the machine was not working (relief!) So I made our slushies blue.
Seaside day - slushies
We just chucked loads of ice into the blender and a good glug of fruit juice and a few drops of food colouring. I’m not sure they’ll be that keen on trying them again, brainfreeze!!
Seaside day- sandcastle sandwiches
Our next seaside themed activity was lunch, The Farmer was fading away by 11am. For lunch we had sandcastle sandwiches, The Fireman added the flags.
Seaside day
For my lunch I had this….for I cannot bear to waste all those crusts.
Seaside day - jellyfish balloons
After lunch we made balloon jellyfish, an idea inspired by The Cyclist, then hung them up to float around the dining room. The next idea was a treat of watching Pirates and the Adventures With Scientists, great film!
Seaside day
The Fireman watched whilst in his seaside clothes with his umbrella, the sun was so hot! We watched this when it was first released on DVD, The Fireman loves pirates.  At a friends pirate themed party, I heard him shout ‘Where’s my bloody gold?’……..I froze, where has he heard that?? He says the Pirate Captain from this film says it, so be aware!
Seaside day - shark about
After the film we made the shark, more shark-like and they chased me round and round the house, they thought this was great fun, I was not so sure.
Seaside day - paper boats
Seaside day - dinosaur stompers
Then we made paper boats and floated them on the seven seas (plastic box filled with blue water), soon enough those pesky dinosaurs arrived and stampeded through the sea, capsizing the boats.
Seaside day - prawns
This brought us to teatime, where we started with a little prawn cocktail, they didn’t like it because it had mayo in it.
Seaside day - chips
Then we had a cone of chips and to finish we made ice cream cone cakes, I got the idea from here.
Seaside day - cake explosion
They worked quite well apart from preheating the oven too high making the egg box smoke, which I then opened the door to let out which caused the cakes to sink.  Not to worry though, I just covered them with big blobs of frosting, topped with sprinkles and added a chocolate finger as we couldn’t find any flakes.

Cbeebies time, PJ’s on, teeth brushed, stories told, boys asleep….time to sit down.  The best thing?? No sand in our sandwiches, no chasing umbrellas down a windy beach, no sunburn and happy boys and of course a happy mum.