get set, sew!

Towel modifyingFor months and months The Fireman keeps asking if he can have a go with the sewing machine.  I’m not that confident with it myself so I’m a little nervous about getting him involved.  This morning I gave in.  The Farmer had been asking for bigger towels as we’re still using those cute baby towels with a corner hood.  The Fireman has a middle sized towel that I bought as an emergency last year when I realised I hadn’t got a towel and we were going to a water play park, so badly organised! So I thought it about time to get a few more middle sized towels. ‘So boys what colour towels would you like?’ Hoping they would have a different colour each, so we know who’s is who’s. ‘Blue!’ they both say.  Great.  ‘Would you not like green maybe?’ I ask The Farmer.  ‘No I’d like blue!’ So we now have two new blue towels.  I can see the fights that will occur shortly.  ‘OK boys how about we put your initial on each towel?’  That goes down well. I decide the letter would be best in a terry towelling material and head off to find an old one I can chop up.  The Fireman suddenly wakes up to this idea and realises there’s a good chance the sewing machine will be involved. They are now beside themselves with excitement when I say they can help me. Drawing the letters I simply drew the letters on the old towel with a sharpie pen and cut them out. Pinned them onto the new towels and began the sewing machine process.   Pinning the letters The Fireman took to it immediately, they were both wetting themselves with laughter.  I let them have a go at moving the foot plate up and down.  Putting thread on the bobbin and pushing the foot pedal.  I put the foot pedal on the table and got them to push it with their hands, it seemed to work well. Sewing machine controlled by a two year old Project complete, they smile and head of to play castles, they’ve already forgotten about their towels 🙂