Happy Boots

El Naturalista - Happy boots

For years I’d always liked the look of El Naturalista boots, they’re just my thing, fun, quirky and comfortable. But they can be quite pricey, although I’m sure the quality is reflected in this. Three years ago to my great delight I came across some little brown boots in the sales, at £45 (half price) they were a bargain. I’ve never regretted buying these boots, they are so comfortable, even if a friend does describe them as ‘mum shoes’. I’ve worn them so much in all weathers, although i’d like to note they are definitely not suitable for snowy, freezing conditions. All this love for my boots has eventually taken it’s toll and the leather began splitting a few weeks ago.

El Naturalista - Poorly boots
I came across a gentleman who makes bags and the like from leather and he offered to fix them, but after all the delivery and work it would cost £45, the same cost as when I bought them. I really like the idea of fixing things, supporting local businesses and getting stuff to last longer, but you do have to weigh up the cost. So after quite a bit of thought, The Cyclist and I decided we’d try and fix it ourselves, what did we have to lose?

El Naturalista Scruffy boots

It was a thankless task, frustratingly hard work and slow, I am not a patient person. But eventually we did it. We used one of those curly leather/upholstery needles and some fine waxed cotton. It’s not perfect, but I doubt anyone would notice unless I hold my foot up to their face, which is not likely, mainly due to lack of flexibility. Anyway, with a bit of polish and a new set of laces, ta da!!!!

Nice newish happy boots!! Maybe these ones were made for walking – just that little bit further.