Shuttlewood-Clarke – A winter wonderland

Shuttlewood-Clarke - Yew Trail

I saw the name Shuttlewood-Clarke floating around on Twitter from Leicestershire based tweeters and picked up the word WOODLAND, hmm intriguing! Based at Ulverscroft it’s not a place I’ve heard of or an area I’ve really visited.  Looking at their website I noticed it’s split between two sites, The Grange and The Manor.  Parking for the public is at The Grange.  At The Grange you’ll also find a nice cafe with simple home cooked food and also two charity shops with a great selection of books. The other site is The Manor, which is a beautiful looking place used as a venue for conferences and visiting groups, whilst the land around it is a stunning woodland for use by forest schools and other groups.  Within these woodlands is the Yew trail which is a series of marked routes throughout the woodland, including some more challenging clambering up and over branches type of routes.
Shuttlewood-Clarke - Yew Trail
Along the way there is also a bird hide, shelter building, bridges to cross and of course sticks, lots of sticks, this is what we like.
The Yew Trail is open to the public 10am-4pm Monday -Friday, but it’s worth calling or emailing first to check if it’s been booked by a visiting group.
Shuttlewood-Clarke - Hairy horse
If you fancy a go at the Yew Trail, you need to follow the path from the car park (via the horse paddock) at The Grange, cross over Priory lane and walk down the drive and at the end you’ll see signs for the trail.
Shuttlewood-Clarke - Nuthatch
Along the path there are some trail maps to pick up and return when you’ve finished. Our walk here was like a woodland winter wonderland, It was so quiet and peaceful, a bit like those first steps into Narnia. We eventually made our way through the trees and walked back up to The Grange where the cafe was a very welcome sight, my feet were frozen. The cafe caters for children and we had a treat of jam sandwiches, seemed to be just what the boys needed.
Shuttlewood-Clarke - Charity shop
We then explored the charity shops and brought home quite a few books along with this enormous Nerf gun thing.  I’m not that keen on toy guns, but it seems with two boys it’s difficult to avoid, more on that another time!
Shuttlewood-Clarke - Charity Shop purchases
This place is free to visit, but bear in mind it’s a charity so it’s nice to support them by frequenting the cafe or picking up a few bits in the shops whilst your there.