Broombriggs Farm Trail and Windmill Hill


Broombriggs Farm Trail and Windmill Hill are two woodland sites right next to each, although Broombriggs as suggested is a little more farmland the woodland, but it made for a nice family outing. There’s a car park with info about the trail and cost’s £2.50 for the day, although we got lucky as the machine was broken. Broombriggs

The sunshine was lovely and we even managed a picnic without freezing. We did a short route on each site, but unfortunately did not manage to find the windmill. We were having a tricky day with The Farmer due to his tummy ache, so getting him to walk was even harder than normal, thank goodness for sticks! Sticks always cheer them up.

Stream dipping - Broombriggs


Windmill Hill

We didn’t get far due to the many wee stops, they were like a tag team. That coupled with repeated falling in thick mud meant my patience was running low. So eventually we headed back and took a trip to the oriental shop in Loughborough to buy random, colourful looking things, the boys love it there, especially when we buy pocky’s, bubble tea and choco boys!
Love shopping at the oriental food shop in loughborough on Twitpic

You’ll also find info and be able to share you experiences of Windmill Hill on The Woodland Trust’s VisitWoods website.

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