Post pre-school treats – for hungry monkeys

A blustery walk (well actually scoot) home today and we were straight into requests for snacks.   Luckily mummy had planned this very well today and was not scraping escaped raisins out of the back of the cupboard to serve with some out of date breadsticks.  Today’s snack menu was banana and Horlicks milkshake served with a slice of homemade raisin and cinnamon bread, smothered in butter, of course. The playdoh machine went quiet, the crayons ceased being dropped onto the floor whilst great slurps rang through the house….and then on with the bickering and banging and the screeching. But for one very brief moment we had silence and satisfaction.


Banana and Horlicks milkshake – 3 small (but perfect pre-schooler sized) servings

1 ripe banana

1-2 tbsps Horlicks

400ml milk

1-2tsps honey

Blitz, blitz, blitz! Serve with brightly coloured sprinkles that should really only appeal to children but that YOU really cannot resist.

The verdict…