Sweet Gyozas – Lovely Leftovers

Sweet gyozas
We love gyozas, usually we fill them with prawns, garlic, ginger and white cabbage and they are absolutely delicious. But often we end up with a load of gyoza wrappers left over.  I could easily eat more gyozas, but generally start losing the plot after filling 30-40 of them. So we have leftover gyoza wrappers. I decided to turn them into a pudding (oh there’s a surprise).  The wrappers are just a bit like filo pastry.

250g ricotta
80g sugar (light brown as I didn’t have caster)
100-500g frozen mixed berries (they don’t need to be frozen, that’s all I had)
40g melted butter

Mix the ricotta and sugar until smooth, then stir in the fruit. Put a spoonful of the mix onto each wrapper, brush the edges with melted butter to stick them together, a bit like mini pasties, brush them again with melted butter and baked them at about 180c for 10mins, this made 15 gyozas.

Sweet Gyozas
They looked a little deflated when they appeared out of the oven, but they were lovely, crispy on top and a little chewy underneath. The Fireman asked for more, whereas The Farmer opted for grapes instead, I just can’t win! It’s got to be better than yesterdays bread and butter pudding, as quite honestly it looked like vomit in a bowl, mmmm anyone for seconds??

bread and butter butter