Marvellous mash – Lovely leftovers

Potato Farl - Mushroom and creme fraiche
Leftover mash is a regular thing in our house, so The Cyclist suggested making potato farls which I think are the same as potato cakes.  They were a great success and very easy. It’s not really a recipe, other than using your usual mash with a generous bit of butter and adding flour.

The only instructions are add flour until you get a roll-able dough. Roll to about 5mm thick, cut into shapes, we just did roughly rectangular shapes, organic and rustic don’t you know. Then bake for about 18mins at about 180c.
Potato farl - Eggs Benedict
Lovely fresh from the oven with butter, but equally good warmed in the toaster and served with almost anything, the two things we’ve tried are fried mushrooms served with creme fraiche and a sprinkle of salt and smoky paprika, then we tried a sort off eggs benedict (poached egg and ham with a bit of grated pecorino). They were both tasty, but I’d fried some garlic with the mushrooms next time and stir the creme fraiche and mushrooms together.

I know it’s good to use leftovers, but I almost go out of my way to cook more spuds just to make farls!