Rosliston Forestry Centre

Rosliston - main entrance

Cabin fever was really setting over the snowy period. I wasn’t sure about driving out to woodlands in case the car parks were snowy/icy.  But last Friday I’d had enough of staying put and we set out for an adventure at Rosliston Forestry Centre.  We’ve been here quite a few times and for some reason we never seem to explore the whole place.  Friday was no exception, it was freezing!! The boys however were still determined to have a go in the play area, it’s somewhere here…

Rosliston play area
Rosliston - play area
Rosliston is quite big place to explore, lots of trails, the play area is brilliant.  There is also a picnic area, full facilities, a cafe and even a small soft play, we took advantage of all of these! It’s just £2 to park for the day. No problem with space to park on Friday, I must have looked like a complete nutter, sliding into the car park and getting the boys out for a walk in the snow and freezing cold wind. We persevered and did a bit of exploring.
Rosliston - willow dome

Our favourite place each time is the giant willow dome.  This time we used the dome for our Horlicks break.  After my Horlicks rice pudding post the other week, Horlicks (GSK) very kindly sent us a new tub of Horlicks to replace the last one we used and also some samples of other types Horlicks products.

Horlicks goodies
Rosliston - Horlicks break

A warm cup of Horlicks was just what we needed out in the cold! We even had a little visitor, hello Mr.Robin.
Rosliston - wily fox

By this time The Farmer was getting fed up and cold, we explored a little more whilst on our walk back to the cafe, spotting the sculptures on the wild and woody trail, including this very realistic fox (which made me jump and squeal). Rosliston
As soon as The Fireman started playing with sticks The Farmer perked up and they continued on their way clearing the paths with their ‘snow ploughs’, sticks really are brilliant and seemingly therapeutic to little boys. The boys enjoyed playing out in the woods and the snow, but the best bit about their day has to be the old forestry plough, typical!
We eventually escaped the cold and went to the cafe, how lovely and warm it was in there with their huge log burner roaring away.  The cafe is nice and simple and provide lunch boxes for children for about £3.50, they were both very happy with this, I stuck to a bowl of hot soup.  Rosliston - cafe

I couldn’t face going back into the cold wind again so I thought we’d try out the soft play as it was really quiet and is small, do you remember soft play centres give me panic attacks!??! Well this one is fine as it’s so small, but enough for two pre-schoolers to enjoy and only £1.75 each.Rosliston

Looking at the map of the centre it shows there is a  natural play area too, so we’ll definitely be back, although on a milder day hopefully!

You’ll also find info and be able to share you experiences of Belton House on The Woodland Trust’s VisitWoods website.

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