Airport trail in the snow

As aboveIt’s been 7 months since I last ran the trail around East Midlands Airport, it was like running in a completely different location this time due to the snow.  It was one of those mornings where I could have just gone for my usual 5km-ish run, but instead I kept going, it was lovely, a lovely 12km!

There’s a runway there somewhere.
I enjoyed it so much more than last time, I took my time much more, couldn’t really go any faster in the snow and ice even if i’d wanted to. There wasn’t much flora and fauna to admire like in the summer, but I did find I got quite distracted by all the tracks in the snow.  How embarrassing to find I was really clueless to identifying most of the tracks considering I used to work for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, at times teaching children about tracks and signs of mammals! Here’s a few that I noticed.
Babbits! Lots of Babbits!!
Maybe pheasant?
Pheasant, couldn’t be 100%, but suggest it’s the only bird stupid enough to walk through the snow rather than fly.
A Beast!
The running woman
Prehistoric running woman (Circa Walsh shoe period)
Airport Trail
It was so beautiful running in the snow and glorious sunshine and I’m so pleased I made the most of it.
I’m already 10% into my goal of 750km for the year, thanks to my running buddies keeping me motivated.  It seems the more I run, the more eager I am to run again. Feeling so much better about running after my low point before Christmas, hoping it will last for good now 🙂