Chocolate and custard tart – Lovely leftovers


I always like to make the most of leftovers, but have recently really tried to do an even better job of not wasting things. So from now on any leftover recipes will be filed under the recipe menu as Lovely Leftovers. I can’t always promise they will be ‘lovely’, they may just be ‘ok’ leftovers. So today we had leftover shortcrust pastry and leftover Bird’s custard. Real custard is nice but Bird’s does just the job when you need convenience. I draw the line at instant custard though, bleuurgh! Quite often though I make too much, it’s one of those things that if you make too little you’re stuffed as it’s takes too long to make more when you have hungry mouths to feed (even at aged 2 and 4, they still get edgy when waiting for food).
So I rolled out the shortcrust pastry, put it in a flan dish, baked it blind for 20minutes and left it to cool. Looks crappy I know, but I just cover it up with stuff and it’s fine.
I then added two large dessert spoonfuls of Nutella (which had to be heated in the microwave to make it spreadable.
Then dolloped on the leftover custard. It warmed it through in the oven for 5-10 minutes before serving, not sure why or even if it needed it. Anyway it was quite tasty, everyone ate it without noise or complaint.