Jelly and Art

Jelly - orange styleThe boys requested jelly yesterday, which I had to agree sounded like a good idea. The only fruit juice we had in was orange. We used the usual recipe, like the strawberry one from back in the summer. Even though it’s quite sugary I’d rather make this sort of jelly then the sugar-free stuff, it tastes so much nicer, so we just don’t have too often. This recipe consisted of..
600ml of orange juice
100g of icing sugar stirred into the juice
1 sachet of gelatine dissolve in half a cup of boiling water and added to the juice, although this didn’t actually happen as The Farmer decided to just chuck it into the orange juice when I turned my back, which meant heating the whole lot through in a pan to dissolve the gelatine. My little helpers are oh so useful!!!!

This made four good sized jellies.<a title="Chocolate art by notimeforironing, on Flickr" Chocolate art
As another activity to keep the boys occupied (there’s only so much snow play you can cope with), we decided to give chocolate art a go, to create chocolate shapes as a compliment to our jellies. Ideally we would have used dark chocolate, but the cupboard said no….the only chocolate available was white. So I melted 100g of white chocolate, divided it into two and gave them a spoon to make wiggly droplets on some greaseproof paper. We did our initials, which then helped to identify who’s was who’s jelly, very important. PICT0162The Farmer was very impressed with his ‘splat’.
Overall a yummy dessert, The Fireman has requested it again today, full marks for his efforts, but maybe not!

No waste in this house

A thorough job of eating it all up