Horlicks rice pudding – Lovely Leftovers

Horlicks for the workers

We played out in the garden in the frozen muddy snow yesterday.  I supplied mugs of Horlicks and hot toast, which went down well, they were hard at work digging/destroying the garden. The problem with Horlicks is we don’t drink it often enough and so each time we open the tub it’s gone solid.  I’ve whizzed it up in the food processor a couple of times, but it only lasts a day or two. I really love Horlicks, I love anything with a malty taste, but I really hate wasting things.  So today I decided to use up the last 100g in some rice pudding, although I’d perhaps reduce this next time.  I often make rice pudding in the slow cooker, if I remember on time! It’s a lot less hassle than in the oven.  For the recipe, which gives four very generous servings, add the following ingredients to the slow cooker…

  • 60g pudding rice
  • 1 pint of milk, heated
  • A few tbsps of cream, optional (thought I’d best use the last of the manky stuff I mentioned on yesterdays recipe)
  • 60-80g Horlicks powder, then added to the milk

Give it a quick stir in the slow cooker and leave on low for about 6-7 hours.  I wasn’t sure how sweet it would be, so didn’t add sugar.  It was a little sweet, but I’d just suggest stirring some in at the end.

Horlicks rice pudding
I served mine with a sprinkling of brown sugar, some grated milk chocolate and some flaked almonds (no idea why the almonds, I think I just get carried away).

This would probably work quite nicely made with hot chocolate too. Although The Cyclist would always prefer it to be plain. Next time honey I promise it’ll be plain!