Weston-on-Trent Playground

Weston-on-Trent playgroundHere’s another little playground for all you local south Derby people.  Weston-on Trent playground was discovered by The Cyclist last year out of slight desperation to entertain the boys whilst I was running the Weston 5 mile.  We’ve been back a few times, although it’s quite small it suits us just fine.  It’s situated just off the main road in the middle of the village, look for the road where the town hall is and it’s just opposite before the railway bridge.  There’s a large car park right next to it, but no loos or cafe. It doesn’t have swings, see-saws and roundabouts (I personally hate roundabouts since The Fireman got one of the spinning bars in the head). Weston-onTrent playgroundWhat it does have is a series of ramps, steps, slides, ladders and bridges, perfect for my viking, pirate, knight explorers. One of the best bits is the extra wide, bumpy slide, which we all had a go on… IMAG0470Here’s The Cyclist with the boys, they were so fast all I managed to get were feet. It was lovely and sunny and very mild, not quite like today where temperatures have not yet risen above freezing! We enjoyed an hour or so here scoffing sausage rolls and drinking the obligatory hot chocolate.