The secret to encouraging your little one to walk


TREASURE!!! That’s right, but more specifically, edible treasure of the cocoa variety.  After a bit of cabin fever throughout the Christmas holidays we took a trip to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s Hilton nature reserve, via Betty’s Farm of course.

At BettysI wasn’t sure how enthusiastic The Farmer would be at walking so I thought the combination of wellies, big puddles, fishing nets and a pocketful of chocolate coins would work well.One year on @Hilton Nature reserveIt was quite a grey day, but mild, so we could take our time without freezing.  To my great surprise, he never once complained and didn’t even require that many chocolate coins.Fishing at Hilton nature reserveHilton is great, lots of puddles, mud and sticks, definitely recommend this site, we go quite often, here’s a review from last year. Although bear in mind no dogs are allowed in the main part of the reserve.