Playgrounds – Aston-on-Trent


Here’s another playground review.  Aston-on-Trent playing fields is a great place to go for a good run about, lots of space for games.  The playground is on your right just as you enter the village on the way from Shardlow. There is a car park, but it’s only open when there’s cricket match or an event on, so parking is at the side of the road, so not ideal, but it’s a fairly quiet road.  The good thing is the playground is on the other side of the playing field away from the road (but not too far to walk).  IMAG0339I’ll be completely honest and say the equipment is a bit tatty and old, but reagrdless of this, it’s still acceptable from a pre-schoolers point of view. This is where we called in during the summer to find a brilliant event being run by South Derbyshire council.  There is also a small area of trees, good for climbing and hiding in and of course it’s good for finding sticks! Sadly there is no cafe here or loo’s, good job my boys are keen (maybe a little too keen) outdoor toileters. Like our last playground trip we took a flask of hot chocolate, which I didn’t check to see if it was too hot and it burnt the poor Farmer’s mouth, bad mummy! We stayed here for a hour or so, as the sun started to set we ran away as it was a bit chilly. There are some quite nice footpaths to explore around the village too, which I found whilst trying to make the most of my maternity leave with The Farmer back in 2011, when he was a lot smaller and didn’t weigh a tonne. You can see how much he enjoyed our walks…

P1000241Also worth noting is the Aston-on-Trent 10k run held in May, a well organised and enjoyable race, maybe see some of you there???