Running into 2013 – Achievements, targets and a little help from my friends

Running race medal christmas tree decoration
I finished 2012 on 571.24km. Not a huge distance but one I’m pleased with. My last two night runs have been completed with my new Christmas present! A Ron Hill velcro light, it’s great, just velcros onto my Ron Hill top and it’s nice and bright.  Might do a bodge job with all my other winter tops and sew some velcro on 🙂Ron Hill running light

So a quick review of 2012…

Running through Calke Abbey

  • Most of my long runs have only been 10km, apart from the one 10 mile run I did recently with The Cyclist.
  • I completed the Golden Gates Gallop 5 mile run at Elvaston Castle in September and improved my time by almost 8mins, this marked my first year of running.
  • I took part in seven 10km races, the Tara Kinder being my best time of 52:54,
  • One 6.5km race which was described as starting with a ‘lung busting hill’ and was true to the description.
  • Also two 5 mile races,two 5km races including the brilliant boxing day Furnace Inn 5km in Derby
  • And of course the Hairy Helmet two mile relay race.

The past year has mainly been really good, but about two months ago I had a real low point with my running and started feeling nervous running on my own, so the only thing I could think of was to get others involved.  So a quick post on Facebook, practically begging for people to join me and within no time at all five other friends are now running twice a week and we managed to continue throughout Christmas too!

So what next for 2013? Well I’d like to do all of those races again and maybe even a half marathon and continue running as part of Team Derby Runner. I hope to keep our newly established running group going and get more involved and enjoying themselves. I’m also looking forward to more Eating Dirt days with The Cyclist.  My main targets though will be to try and get a sub 50min 10km, could be difficult! I’m also going to aim for at least 750km for the year, which should be more than possible now with a little help from my friends, thanks to all of you x