Playgrounds – Alvaston Park

It’s not easy entertaining young children on a rainy day unless you’re happy to watch a lot of TV, which I really try not to do.  TV is a brilliant way to get a break, even for your kids to have a bit of time out.  It’s perfect for me when trying to cook dinner, but it irritates me to see my boys slowly turning into zombies by absorbing the moving picture box. So when a dry day comes around, even if it’s pretty chilly out, we get out and about.  I’m currently having difficulties with encouraging The Farmer to walk any distances.  In the summer it’s far easier as we can take our time and not worry about being cold.  So I’ve passed on the woodland outings a little more just recently and gone for a the playground option.  I don’t much like playgrounds, I find them tedious and busy.  I’m a bit miserable like that. But unsurprisingly in winter it’s very quiet down at the playground 🙂 So here’s a playground which is well worth a visit for those of you in the Derby area. IMAG0323
Alvaston Park – This place is good because a) parking is free and right next to the playground, b) toilets next to playground too, c) it’s a mixture of natural play and traditional equipment, great for creative play and d) there is a cafe.  IMAG0326It looks like the playground is quite new, so all in good working order.  There is also a pond next to the playground, ideal for feeding the ducks, or lobbing sticks onto the frozen water….Hot chocolate at the parkWe took a flask of hot chocolate and some snacks and spent a good hour and a half there, they both loved it. A free morning or afternoon out, a good dose of vitamin D and guilt free TV watching, perfect!