A Homemade Christmas

IMAG0375 I have sat down at last and started on the Christmas chocolates. I’ve been busy making stuff almost every night for three weeks, I loved it, but I really do feel tired now! Hopefully they were all OK, I thought they were quite good, but that’s because I made stuff I like 🙂 So here’s what I made..

White and dark chocolate fudge, coconut ice and chocolate dipped peppermint creams for sweetie boxessweets

Peppermint marshmallows (for the kids, of course)IMAG0397

Mulling syrup for wine or cider IMAG0370 Homemade Baileys (on test)IMAG0396

Lemon Syrup IMAG0369

Cranberry and pear relish IMAG0395 Tomato ketchup IMAG0394 Lemon marmalade IMAG0374 One heart pictureIMAG0362One flower/sparkly bead pictureIMAG0379

Some lebkuchenIMAG0391 Gingerbread IMAG0367

Part way through Project Christmas gifts it was The Cyclists birthday, so we made him this chocolate and cherry cake.

IMAG0361 …and of course the enormous chocolate orange cake cake

It was manic, and quite tiring at times, but I’m glad I did it. No baking for a week now though, well maybe for a few days.  Got my birthday cake to make next week, fancy something a bit different, ideas welcome…

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