Oh how I love (Pong) Cheese

We treated ourselves to some nice cheese from Pong Cheese when we went to Yorkshire.  I remember as a child being so excited at receiving chocolate selection boxes (to be honest I still think it’s quite exciting), but these days a cheese selection box goes far beyond that.  Yes I was excited about going on a family holiday, yes I was excited about going to Yorkshire, but taking a box of cheese with almost put me into a ‘too excited to function’ state of mind. Needless to say the cheese was delicious.  We took some homemade apple and chilli jelly with us and baked some crackers, although they were not as good as the recipe by Dan Lepard which we’d previously baked.  Oh how I love cheese, blue, gooey, sharp, tangy (but not too goaty, if you know what I mean), nutty, crumbly, I really love cheese. This selection box did not disappoint.  Well done Pong Cheese for your advice and brilliant delivery of our pongy cheese.  Although I should warn you, your fridge will smell like something has died in it and make sure you eat it quick, especially the goats cheese or it will slowly pong-ify your house and become inedible.