The Fireman is four! A construction party

IMAG0280I’m back, after a while away from blogging due to fairly unpleasant dealings of a house burglary.  But at least it didn’t affect The Fireman’s birthday.  I still can’t quite believe he’s four! Just after his third birthday party The Fireman announced he would like a crane party next, talk about forward planning! 3So this birthday he received a crane, he was VERY happy. For his birthday party we planned a building/construction party.  The theme was a little vague throughout the day.  However the invites went our to seven friends for them to join the crew.  The party food was the most exciting part for me.  We started the party by constructing pizzas, i’d made little balls of dough and froze them earlier in the week.  To save them getting mixed up in the oven each pizza was prepared on greaseproof paper with their names on.  I also had loads of batches of tomato sauce in the freezer so, we used that and then put bowls of toppings out.  Whilst the pizzas were cooking we used some real tools!! 12The Cyclist had cut thin discs of wood ready and the children drilled holes into them and then thread ribbon through, makes for quite a nice Christmas decoration too! 6We then moved onto pass the parcel.  I’d managed to find these toolbox sweets online to put in each layer. 2Pizza time and they gobbled up their homemade creations with a few extras, like the Tonka dumper truck popcorn.  810For pudding I made traffic light ice lollies, using fruit smoothies set in old (large) Petit Filous pots. 11A big bowl of fresh dough balls and garlic butter for the adults went down quite well too. The cake was a giant spanner.  4Which was a basic chocolate sponge, two circles and one loaf shaped.  IMAG0308This was the first time I’d iced a cake, it was ok, a little stressful though! I sprayed it with the edible shimmer spray, also sprayed some party ring biscuits to make them look like nuts. After food, we attempted to play giant Jenga which I’d borrowed form the local toy library.  9I cannot recommend giant Jenga for those who are shorter than the tower, which was the majority of the guests! Maybe try this one out with older children! 1We had a lovely time and all the guests headed home with their party bags, which consisted of these chocolate tools! As well as the essential tacky toy, cake, glow sticks and lollies.