Skipton Castle – Cannons at the ready

11We visited Skipton Castle during our holiday in the Yorkshire Dales, I was very impressed and relieved as it kept us out of the rain for an hour or two. We’ve visited a few castles in the past and recently Ashby Castle, which was also good, but in a different way. 9Skipton Castle has been really well preserved which allows you to explore in and out of rooms and up and down some VERY steep and windy staircases, it’s brilliant! 1Of course the boys enjoyed this too, the best bit being the cannons and the privy, which was a room hanging off the side of the castle a very long way up, freaked me out a bit. It was such a wet day, that this was ideal, although we would have stayed longer if it had been dry. The castle felt like a maze for a while, lots of little tunnels all over the place.  5There were some great views from the withdrawing room down towards Skipton Woods.

6It is free entry for under 5’s, even better and they get a free badge, ooo they liked this. This one is also topped with sausage roll crumbs.3

4Thank goodness there were actual windows in place, it felt quite snug in there. I would really recommend this as a place to visit if you’re in the area, Skipton town is also quite nice to wander around and Skipton Woods is lovely too, when it’s not raining of course.