The family friendly veggie weekly – 18th November

I’ve posted this a little earlier this week, as we’re not planning any other veggie meals this week and I’m trying to be organised… Next week I will be having a week off blogging to gather together ideas of all sorts for the future, or maybe just to sit and drink wine and eat cheese, same thing really.

Meal 1 – Roasted garlic and tomato soup – A homemade concoction of halved fresh tomatoes and a whole bulb of garlic halved, roasted with a good dollop of olive oil, salt and pepper.  These were then blitzed and a litre of vegetable stock added. Roasting garlic is such a great way to cook it, as the cloves just go nice and soft and you can easily squeeze them out, no faff peeling them.  I also fried some slightly stale bread in some olive oil to create some crispy croutons, then added grated pecorino to serve.

Verdict – Lovely rich flavour, maybe a little too much stock as it was quite runny, ok for adults, but impossible for little ones.  Also worth sieving it after blitzing to get rid of any of the woody tomato parts and skins.  It’s not quite as garlicky as you might think, roasting the garlic certainly tames the strength. The recipe was spurred on by the fact I seemed to have a tonne of fresh tomatoes in the fridge. Difficult verdict from The Farmer’s point of view as he’s still under the weather, very cheery but no appetite.  The Fireman is like a human dustbin and eats pretty much anything, apart from last week’s beanburgers…

Tomato and mozzarella risotto – a basic risotto but the wine is replaced with tomato passata, or leftover garlic and tomato soup 😉 This also has a large pack of mozzarella diced and stirred through once the risotto is cooked.  I drizzled over some harissa paste which was sort of diluted in olive oil so I could pour it, added a bit of zing for the adults.

Verdict – Personally this is one of my absolute favourite risottos, creamy rice, gooey cheese and a rich tomato flavour, comfort food at it’s best.  The Fireman ate it all, risotto is a really easy meal for little ones, easy to scoop up, not too much chewing and nicely filling, ideal after an active day. We previously would have stirred some chilli into the risotto, but thought it best to leave it out as the boys can be a bit sensitive to hot and spicy stuff.

As for next week, lets go a bit freestyle (lazy) and see what happens.  With these veggie posts I only tend to give a rough outline of the recipes when it’s something I’ve created, but if you’d like a full recipe, just shout up.

Every time I write these veggie posts I have the flipping theme tune to Mr Blooms Nursery going around my head ‘Sebastien the singing aubergine, la,la,la,la,laaa’  Maybe now you will have too 😉