Family friendly veggie weekly – 11th November

Meal 1 Halloumi bean burgers, with homemade cobs and salad.  The burgers were loosely based on a Jamie Oliver recipe, but with some finely diced halloumi mixed in too.  The cobs were from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet, known as soft baps, I just cannot call them baps without feeling slightly awkward, they are cobs and at a push I might even call them rolls.  Anyway they are certainly soft and delicious.

Verdict – Not good, the boys wouldn’t even try them! Eventually they had a little bit, to show how much they did not like them, they even ate lettuce. The Cyclist enjoyed them, but to be honest I wasn’t keen either.  I think it’s the texture and they didn’t have that much taste, any ideas for a better or more varied texture for veggie burgers? Also you couldn’t really taste the halloumi, which is surprising as it’s quite salty.

Sadly no pictures of the chickpea curry, but here’s one of The Fireman scaring away monsters with the hairdryer.

Meal 2 – Chickpea curry.  This was again based on a Jamie Oliver recipe. It was Peter’s Lamb Curry from Return of the Naked Chef, copy of it here on the Jamie Oliver forum (scroll down the page a bit).  This makes a brilliant curry base, not dissimilar to a takeaway, but less oily. We’ve had it with lamb before and it was really good.  I thought I’d try chickpeas instead.  I used dried chickpeas and cooked them till almost soft, then finished off the cooking in the curry sauce.

Verdict – Not quite as tasty as the lamb curry, must be the lack of meaty juices.  Still not too bad though, the blob of homemade mango chutney livened it up a little.  The Fireman ate about half the sauce and chickpeas, The Farmer loved chickpeas and ate the lot.  I added some potato, just to play it safe and give it a bit of variety. Oh and I completely forgot to stir in the yoghurt, may explain why the sauce was quite thick…

A not especially inspiring plate of chips, beans and omelette, but the boys were happy with this option.

Meal 3 – Was supposed to be potato tortilla, but due to The Farmer being unwell, we played it safe and got a bag of chip shop chips and served it with some beans and a slice of cheese omelette. We’ll try potato tortilla another time.

Verdict – Chip shop chips??? I think you know the answer to that one 😉

For the following week….

Roasted garlic and tomato soup

Tomato and mozzarella risotto