Fee-fi-fo-fum and fairies at Allestree Park

Wow what a busy day today!  And what a happier and less stressful day too.  You might think getting out of the house by just after 9am on your own with two pre-schoolers could be stressful, but for me it is far less stressful than trying to entertain them in the house.  So at 9.15 we were on our way to Derby.  It’s always nice to meet up with Derby Grandma for a trip into town, so we caught the bus from her house, it’s more exciting for the boys to arrive by bus than to squeeze out of the car into a multi-storey car park. We headed for the museum, this week’s theme for the under 5’s Friday was, This little light. As usual there was a trail throughout the museum looking for pictures of lightening bolts, lightbulbs, lamps, etc.  Full marks to the organising team this week for awarding sweets for all completed trail sheets, very happy boys.  Whilst the boys chomped away, Derby Grandma and I made some very creative lanterns…There were other crafts, but the boys are not that big on crafts, they were keen on hole punching though, apologies for extra cleaning up due to punched holes all over the floor!  After the museum we walked back through town gathering fresh oatcakes, ham, sausage and satsumas.  The boys like to choose something fun from the fruit and veg stall in the market, they thought satsumas sounded really exciting, good job I didn’t just call them oranges. After a feast of our random purchases at Derby Grandma’s, we set off to meet a good friend and her son at Allestree Park.

What muppet dressed her children in ‘woodland’ coloured clothes? Oh, that’ll be me.

We’ve been friends since our boys were just bumps, the days when we were clueless about parenting, excited about seeing our little ones for the first time, admiring our pregnancy glow and all that.  Since the day our little ones arrived I have been fortunate to have the support of this friend (and many others of course, I know y’all reading) as we sat at each others houses eating cakes and mumbling about runny baby poo, leaky boobs and sleep deprivation. Four years later we’re now chatting about school admissions, scary stuff!  We thought we’d try out the new nature trail through Allestree Park.  I’ve only been here for short trips and the NDCXL races, so never really explored.  Parking is free, so that’s a good start.  The trail starts from the car park and follows a nice meandering footpath down through the woods to the lake.  It was the perfect day for leaf crunching and leaf fights. Together the boys were re-creating Jack and the beanstalk and searching for fairy houses and generally gathering sticks for all sorts of sawing and destructive uses.

Brr, was chilly by the lake.

Their sticks came in handy for a spot of fishing. They were so industrious they had to have snacks after fishing.  The trail around the lake is lovely, even though I get a bit on edge when they go in opposite directions to one another, next to the water.  The walk wasn’t that much of a distance but somehow we managed to spend two hours pottering about and acting silly.

Our friendly leafy path sweeper

I’d definitely recommend this as a place to walk and play for families.  The Farmer was exhausted and needing carrying back up the hill, he was so tired he couldn’t eat any dinner, poor fella, fingers crossed he’s not poorly.  After such a busy day I feel I definitely deserve a large glass of wine. So here’s to a good weekend!

You’ll also find info and be able to share you experiences of Allestree Park on The Woodland Trust’s VisitWoods website.

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