My boys – The fabulous baker brothers

Myself and the boys often find ourselves baking and it’s usually early morning, i.e, before 9am.  I’m not sure why it’s this early, but it seems like a good time to do it.  Sometimes they ask to bake, sometimes I suggest it to prevent all out war between them.  We usually bake quite simple fun things.  Often nothing that interesting to blog about, but as I’ve been sorting through photos I realised how much baking we actually do and it makes me very proud of them.   The Fireman who is almost four now knows that the basic ingredients for cake is flour, sugar, butter and eggs.  The rest is just freeform! Here are some of the things we’ve been busy baking and making.

This mornings fruity oat flapjack bars.  I found the recipe in a the Co-operative Food magazine I picked up at the local Co-op.  It’s actually called Oaty school bars. After my disastrous attempts at creating a less sugary flapjack bar a while back I’ve now decided to bake them with the sugar and serve smaller portions.

Can he successfully tip the mixture into the tin?? Surprisingly, yes he can!

This recipe has quite a lot of sugar, syrup and honey in it, but instead of making the suggested 16 slices we made 20. They are really delicious. I’ll keep this recipe in mind for next year’s blackberry harvest.  It was also a good recipe to test out the bag of 5 seeds from Shipton Mill.  I know I go on about Shipton Mill quite a bit, but their products really are very good.

Snip, snip, snipping

This looked like a good recipe for the boys as they got to use their scissors to chop up apricots and prunes and get their hands stuck into a big bowl of sticky mess.

Other early morning makes and bakes have been….Marshmallow caterpillars – Marshmallows on a stick, covered with chocolate and (not so) tastefully decorated.

This is what happens when they are left with a plate of melted chocolate, but who wouldn’t do this??

Peppermint creams from The River Cottage Family Cookbook, quite possible my most favourite cookbook ever, having a bit of a soft spot for Hugh obviously helps 😉

Choc dipping the creams

First time we’ve made them, so easy and so fun and soooo much sugar, so beware!

Cornflake cakes from Jo Wheatley’s new book. Lots of yummy things in here.

The Farmer in charge of stirring

Chocolate, raisin and cinnamon bread – make some basic dough and let them choose the ingredients and be generous.  Serve with a large, strong coffee to help forget about the mess
Courgette cake. The Fireman was very keen to make this.  It’s sort of like carrot cake, not much to say about this one, it was kind of erm….green.. Apple and oat muffins.  Our own creation, made it up as we went along.  Turned out to be quite fancy with a caramelised nut topping, well that’s fancy for us anyway!

The Fireman being very careful with the measuring

I don’t mind what my boys want to be when they grow up, as long as what they choose, they try their best at it.  Even if they don’t choose cooking as a profession, at least they’ll know how to make cake and that makes me proud 🙂