The family friendly veggie weekly – 4th November

Meal 1 – Pumpkin Soup.  Roasted chunks of pumpkin, blended together with cooked onion, garlic and vegetable bouillon and a couple of spoons of creme fraiche stirred in. Served with lots of grated cheese, a sprinkle of pine nuts and a little cream.

Verdict – We were very sceptical of this one, but we all thought it was very tasty, how can it not be tasty with a mountain of grated cheese on top?!

Meal 2 – Torta di patate – potato cake.  Recipe from Ursula Ferrigno book Italy Sea to Sky. Mashed potatoes, mixed with egg, flour, parmesan, gorgonzola and Pecorino Romano, then baked.  Served with Heinz baked beans 😉

Verdict – I tried to prepare this during the day as much as possible, so there wouldn’t be too much to do after I’d collected the boys.  I thought if I just cooked and mashed the spuds and mixed all the other ingredients in, then I could bake it just before we were going to eat it.  For some reason I didn’t like the idea of it all going cold, uncooked.  So I cooked it.  It came out of oven looking all nice and puffed up, slightly souflee-ish.  By the time we ate it 2 hours later, it was rather solid, tasty but solid.  So I’d recommend this fresh from the oven.  As for the baked beans, it’s the one food that still makes me gag slightly and has done for 30 years now, I eat them (sparingly) to show the boys I’m not fussy…It’s only tinned beans mind.

Meal 3 – Burritos with refried beans, salsa and cheese.  Based on a recipe from Thomasina Miers book, Wahaca. Refried beans consists of rehydrated pinto beans cooked with onion, ground coriander, ground cumin and vegetable bouillion until it’s thickish.  Salsa is just onion, garlic and a tin of tomatoes, cooked until a little thick and cheese.  I pushed the boat out a little more with homemade corn oil tortillas from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet. One other thing we had, whilst obviously not veggie, was fresh squid rings.  The Cyclist couldn’t resist buying some squid from the fish market when he went to buy mussels.  He showed the boys how to prepare it, they were very excited! They were tossed it seasoned flour and shallow fried, yum!

Verdict – The burritos were slightly overshadowed by the squid, burritos are not quite as exciting, but they still tasted nice and they happily ate them, one each was more than enough as they are quite filling. It was just a shame the fresh coriander had gone slimy in the fridge, then they would have been better, but overall they were just OK.

For the following week…

Halloumi bean burgers

Chickpea curry

Potato tortilla