Dinosaurs in the woods

We had a walk the other weekend over at Ticknall.  There’s lots of lovely footpaths through fields and woods over there.  We didn’t visit any wood in particular, just meandered our way around until we felt we’d had enough.  We parked up on the verge at Seven Spouts and walked down to the woods.  I’ve tried to give a rough outline of our route below. The route was only about 3km, just enough for little legs, neither of them complained once, I think they’re getting used to the outdoors and walking as something we just do. Both boys took their dinosaurs to create dino footprints, maybe people would really think there are dinosaurs in the woods!??!! As we were creating footprints and collecting the usual amount of sticks, we had someone join us for a walk. This little scamp. We gave it a little fuss and attention ans this was obviously a sign to say, we’ll adopt you.  So the little fella walked with us almost all of the way.  The Fireman thought this was brilliant, secretly so did I.

Every so often we thought our feline friend had gone home but no, it would come hurtling out of the hedgerow to greet us again, great entertainment.   It obviously did not like the muddy path, so as we looked back we could see it leaping from one side of the verge to the other, desperate to keep up with us. We came out of the woods and into the fields

Still following…

In the fields was not so pleasant, the flies were unbearable. We tried to hurry the boys along, but as all parents of 3 year olds know, you cannot hurry them along.  Eventually we got into the side of Robin Wood and a relief from the flies.  We also spotted quite a lot of fungi. By now it was lunchtime.  We found a spot at the side of a spud field, the dinosaurs were hungry too.   The cat joined us for lunch and brought us a bank vole to enjoy, hmm, thank you. We continued on through a newish woodland plantation, but it was very grassy and so lots of flies again, until we reached the road.  It was such a lovely sunny day and from up there the views down to the Trent valley are lovely.  Despite the flies I’d definitely go walking around there again, nice and quiet and lots of friendly walkers too and no we didn’t take the cat home!