A house of 12 ghoulish monsters – Our halloween party

Friday was our Halloween party at home.  I’ve been planning the party for a few weeks knowing that it would be within half term and so my time would be limited with having the boys everyday.  So for the four nights leading up to the party I was prepping various things. Craft activities, food and decorations.

Some decorations the boys helped with.

The boys helped me decorate jars with tissue paper and glue

Others I thought would be best to do on my own!

An old cot sheet with a spooky face sewn in

I invited 12 other children.  Many friends described me as a nutter, crazy and insane for doing such a thing.  But the truth is I love it! I love making lists, planning stuff and making things! I love to see my boys excited about food, games and seeing their friends.  Planning parties was not that dissimilar to my previous job, part of which was planning events for families and various other community engagement projects.  I loved this part of my job, but I love being at home even more, for now anyway.

So here’s what happened…

2pm the party starts. We have spooky music playing.

On reflection I think I may have bought this for my own benefit

An awesome £3 CD from Amazon, I recommend it, Ghostbusters, Monster Mash, Time Warp…

That is disgusting!

We served some frogspawn juice- black tapioca bubbles (remember the bubble tea from the other week?) with apple juice.  Many children look on with disgust! We then played musical bumps to the spooky music. Then all the toys spread across the floor 🙂

I pre-cut 12 black card bats – tedious but worth it.

We move onto glitter bats, glitter in moderation? Erm no, moderation is not a concept children have, these bats will not be dry until next week. Out comes the spooky food (my favourite part).

Pumpkin pizzas.  Basic bread dough, prepared and rolled into balls and frozen until the morning.  Basic tomato sauce, also frozen until the morning.  Revolting cheese slices with pumpkin faces cut into them melted on the top.

Spider dogs.  More revolting processed food, but undeniably tasty. They should be cooked over a campfire for the best effect, but I only had the grill.  I got the idea from Backcountry with the kids – one of the blogs I follow, but mine were nowhere near as effective as these.

Magic wands – breadsticks spread with icing sugar and sprinkles. I didn’t bake them crisp enough, very, very, very, very chewy.

Fruit kebabs in a mini pumpkin- The Fireman’s favourite part. Unfortunately no pictures, but i’m sure you can picture it.

Breadstick pumpkin with dips.  Homemade houmous and creamy garlic dip I had no idea how easy garlic dip was to make, 100g cream cheese, few tbsp yoghurt, one crushed garlic clove, done.

We then moved onto pudding – Dirt cups. Again another idea from a blog I follow – A lot on your plate. For ours we used 3 packets of chocolate angel delight, bashed up bourbon biscuits and some jelly worms, well actually snakes, it was the best I could find. We all sat around a huge bowl of mud (angel delight) and scooped some up into our cups sprinkled on the soil (bourbons) and topped with worms, maybe not spooky, but a bit gruesome.

Nom, nom ,nom, angel delight.

After that I just sort of left them to it and before you knew it, it was 4pm.  We said goodbye to all of our friends as they left with a spider lollipop!

Lots of these ideas are on my Pinterest Halloween board, so I can’t take credit for all these great ideas.

Only a month until The Fireman’s fourth birthday, whoop, whoop! I can start party planning again!