Sausage stromboli – The ready to go sandwich

Inspired by The Cyclist I give you the Sausage Stromboli! We made a simple cheese and tomato stromboli the other week.  It was really nice and easy and great for packed lunches.  So this week I made another ready to go lunch, with sausages.  I cooked the sausages first, due to paranoia of food poisoning.  To add to the flavour I caramelised a couple of onions and added a good squeeze of ketchup and a thin spreading of mustard.  It tastes delicious, but my dough was a little too wet, so it spread out quite a lot.  So next time i’d either keep the dough drier or do a double line of sausages, oooo a double sausage stromboli!! The Fireman quite liked it, The Farmer wasn’t so taken, he just ate the sausage out of the middle and didn’t really like the onions, I might puree them next time!